To The End

The end of the calendar year is always a time of reflection, with people looking back over the previous twelve months to see what was good and bad. Newcastle fans have been doing exactly this since yesterday evening, although the thirty-six months that preceded 2014 are also being poured over once more.  This has been brought about by the news Alan Pardew is seemingly on his way out of NE1, heading from the Cathedral to the Palace. Continue reading



4 games in to the new season and I’m finding it very difficult to get excited about Newcastle United.

It’s not just the results. I spent much of the first game against Manchester City trying to get excited whilst watching it. Wasn’t happening though. The fact I’ve been generally┬ánon-plussed about us all summer didn’t help. Nor did a venture into the club shop two days before, seeing the W***a logo on everything that it possibly could be. Continue reading

Safe Standing Supported in the Senedd

It was a busy week in the National Assembly for Wales last week. The Assembly scored another legislative competence victory over the UK Government in the Supreme Court, a major Housing Bill was passed, and a Welsh Government Minister was sacked, only one week after having been found to have breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct on a separate issue from the one he was fired for!

So amid all this excitement, a smaller but equally significant vote in the Assembly from Wednesday afternoon may have passed people by. For the National Assembly formally gave its support to Safe Standing at football matches, in the form of a motion tabled by an Individual Members Debate which read as follows: Continue reading